The effort to coordinate microfinance activities offered by Dutch organisations started in 1997 with a working group consisting of Cordaid, Hivos, ICCO, Novib and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Eventually this resulted in the establishment of MicroNed in 2006, a network of Dutch development finance organisations. The network's goal was to structurally cooperate on establishing a specialised sector approach for microfinance. In 2008, Rabobank Foundation joined MicroNed.

With the growing involvement of other private and commercial organisations in microfinance there was also a need to include a larger and more diverse group of actors in the working group. Initiated in 2003 by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 13 organisations agreed to formalise their efforts to coordinate and they jointly established the Netherlands Platform for Microfinance.

Over the years MicroNed and the Netherlands Platform for Microfinance were working more closely together and in 2012 the two organisations joined their efforts in NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance.

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