NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, is the leading national platform in inclusive finance sector worldwide. Established in 2003, the platform brings together Dutch development organisations, social investors and commercial banks active in the inclusive finance sector. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NpM’s 13 members share a commitment to expanding access to finance in underserved regions and to anticipate the changing need in the sector to grow towards a responsible industry. The members of NpM are active in over 97 countries and have committed EUR 4 billion to the inclusive finance sector. NpM’s activities are directed to the contribution of the financial sector in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Financial Inclusion is Improving Around the World—But Women Are Still Missing Out

    The good news is that mobile phones and the internet are bringing millions of people into the formal financial system, meaning they have bank accounts or a mobile money provider for the first time. This is important because financial inclusion is crucial in helping people save money for an emergency, get loans to start businesses, and escape poverty. The bad news, however, is that the financial-inclusion gap between men and women in developing economies hasn’t improved in the past six years. Read more

  • Congratulations, You’ve Received a Bonus!

    UNCDF through its programme MM4P is running a pilot, started in August 2017, to digitize payments made to dairy farmers in Uganda. To this end, MM4P works with the so called ‘supply side’: the dairy cooperatives, shifting from cash payments to their members to digital bulk payments (one to many). Read more

  • Dutch NN-FMO Emerging Markets Loans Fund Overshoots First Close Target at USD 250 Million

    NN Investment Partners (NN IP) and FMO Investment Management ’s NN-FMO Emerging Markets Loans Fund (the ’Fund’) saw strong Dutch and international institutional demand at a first close of USD 250 million, overshooting its minimum target by 25%, due to four key investors from Sweden and the Netherlands. Read more


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