NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, is the leading national platform in inclusive finance sector worldwide. Established in 2003, the platform brings together Dutch development organisations, social investors and commercial banks active in the inclusive finance sector. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NpM’s 13 members share a commitment to expanding access to finance in underserved regions and to anticipate the changing need in the sector to grow towards a responsible industry. The members of NpM are active in over 90 countries and have committed EUR 3.3 billion to the inclusive finance sector. NpM’s activities are directed to the contribution of the financial sector in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Development Banks Create Toolbox to Accelerate Investment in Emerging Markets

    Some 120 economies, accounting for three quarters of world GDP, have seen a pickup in growth in the last year. But the improvements are still not felt in all corners of the world. Private investments are still very far from the trillions of dollars needed to realize the Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries. Read more

  • Geodata for Agriculture and Water: GREENcoffee Vietnam

    Smallholder farmers experience many challenges and in recent years climate change has exacerbated these challenges. Our G4AW projects deliver specific information services on weather, rain and humidity forecasts, market prices, farming techniques and pests and diseases, via SMS or mobile application to support farmers increase their production, income and food security, and reduce their inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Read more

  • The End of a Debate? India Highlights the Dominance of For-Profit Capital in Impact Investing

    Can impact investing be as commercially viable as mainstream investing – or does it work better as a nonprofit model, or as a less-profitable niche in the broader investing space? This question remains widely debated, even as more empirical evidence has demonstrated the commercial success of impact investments. Read more


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