NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, is the leading national platform in inclusive finance sector worldwide. Established in 2003, the platform brings together Dutch development organisations, social investors and commercial banks active in the inclusive finance sector. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NpM’s 13 members share a commitment to expanding access to finance in underserved regions and to anticipate the changing need in the sector to grow towards a responsible industry. The members of NpM are active in over 90 countries and have committed EUR 2.8 billion to the inclusive finance sector. NpM’s activities are directed to the contribution of the financial sector in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Financing the Frontier: Inclusive Financial Sector Development in Fragility-Affected Africa

    The new Mercy Corps research report “Financing the Frontier: Inclusive Financial Sector Development in Fragility-Affected Africa” examines the impact of inclusive financial sector development on poverty, fragility, and stability across Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

  • Interest rate cap will hurt rural families

    On March 13, the National Bank of Cambodia announced a major new policy. Starting April 1, all microfinance institution operating in Cambodia will be required to lend at interest rates no higher than 18 percent per year. This is a deeply misguided regulation that will undo over a decade’s worth of successful financial policies. Read more

  • Application Call for Proposals G4AW

    The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility is a grant programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It falls under the policy priority of food security, which focuses on increasing and enhancing sustainable food production as well as achieving more efficient agricultural water use, particularly in irrigated areas and water basins in the G4AW partner countries. Read more


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