ICCO Terrafina Microfinance





About ICCO Terrafina Microfinance

ICCO Terrafina Microfinance is ICCO’s microfinance programme, working in close collaboration with Rabobank FoundationOikocredit and Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services. ICCO Terrafina Microfinance’s support to microfinance institutions often consists of a tailor-made package of different components. The objective is to boost agriculture through microfinance to improve smallholder farmers´ livelihoods and increase food security.

Through the close collaboration with different parties, ICCOTerrafina Microfinance can microfinance institutions with a combination of technical and financial support to strengthen their organisation and to develop financial services in line with the needs of specific groups of farmers and people living in rural areas.

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Funding Figures

To get insight in the general funding activities of ICCO Terrafina Microfinance related to inclusive finance, consult the NpM Funding Figures page