The Asian Fintech Summit 2017

7 - 8 March, 2017

When you see banks that have remained effectively unchanged and unchallenged in 100 years suddenly spend millions of dollars on innovation teams and start-up enterprises, you quickly realise that we are entering into a profoundly different financial services age.

The age of fintech.

What is equally apparent is that, despite what innovators in London or Silicon Valley might think, this is not just a Western phenomenon. Indeed, it is hard to think of anywhere in the world better positioned to benefit from the transformational impact of fintech than Southeast Asia.

From the opportunity to redefine commercial banking operations in Singapore to the financial empowerment of millions in the Philippines, the effect that the fintech revolution will have on the region cannot be overstated.

Nevertheless, for fintech to have the impact that we know it can, there needs to be a new paradigm for collaboration, sharing and partnership between all stakeholders through the region.

That is why we are delighted to be launching Symbol: The Asian Fintech Summit

By bringing together all the major fintech parties, from regional banks and insurers to VCs and the startups themselves, we are creating a simply unmissable opportunity to build new relationships, broker new business deals and establish a uniquely Asian fintech identity.

Over two days, from 7th-8th March 2017 at Suntec Convention Centre here in Singapore, we will feature content from across the fintech landscape including:

  • Lending and funding;
  • Regulation;
  • Payments;
  • Personal finance;
  • Blockchain and digital currencies;
  • Insurance;
  • Investment, fund management & trading;
  • Credit scoring, risk and fraud;
  • Authentication and security.

If you want to discover the future of the finance industry then Symbol is the show for you. To find out more you can download the event brochure here.

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