ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy

2 May - 8 June, 2018

The ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy offers participants the possibility of becoming certified trainers in some of the key ILO entrepreneurship training packages. The Academy also offers a new certification track on Financial Education. Combining intense training of trainers on both content- and methodological issues, the Academy cannot be missed by any trainer working for a public or private institution striving to make a real difference in the lives of new or existing entrepreneurs.


Target Audience:


  • Trainers working for public or private institutions, BDS providers, microfinance institutions or as consultants;
  • Established ILO certified trainers who want to upgrade their skills and/or become trainers in new training packages;
  • Managers of enterprise development organizations or microfinance institutions, who wish to learn more about the training offered by the ILO for their programs and projects.

Location: Distance learning and at the ITC-ILO Campus in Turin, Italy
Fees: 3,790 EUR (including tuition and subsistence cost)




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