Value Chain Financing Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit (VCF2018)

18 - 19 September, 2018

Following on from previous summits, held in Accra, London, Abuja, Frankfurt and Brussels, Welcome2Africa International is pleased to invite stakeholders to participate in our Agricultural Value Chain Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit, which is scheduled to take place 18th & 19th September in Utrecht – Netherlands VCF 2018.

Value Chain Financing Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit VCF 2018, which will provide a interactional platform where the basics and intricacies of the agricultural value chain can be discussed among value chain professionals and stakeholders. VCF 2018 will explore how value chain financing can be maximized fully in Africa’s Agribusiness Sector.

Key Topics to be discussed at VCF 2018 include:

  • The challenges of offering agricultural credits through the value chain finance principle;

  • How can foreign investors sustainably, innovatively and effectively finance value chain actors in Africa;

  • Mechanisms to govern and monitor finance placed into the agribusiness at all levels of production;

  • How can we maximally enhance financial innovations;

  • Improving facilitation of linkages with exporters, which would demonstrate the availability of well-established market outlets and provide sufficient value-added potential at the local level.

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