Oikocredit invests in Laudex to encourage social inclusion in Mexico’s education sector

25 February, 2019

Original Source: Oikocredit 

By providing loans that are aligned with students’ needs and optimised to facilitate their ability to repay, Laudex supports students to access better educational opportunities in Mexico, where there is a deficit of high-quality public education.

Francisco Cordero, CEO and founder of Laudex commented: “We’re excited to have Oikocredit join Laudex as investors and board members. For us, it’s paramount that our shareholders are aligned with our core values and purpose, to promote education and change lives. In Oikocredit, our first international investor, we’ve found a partner that’s highly aligned with us. We believe Oikocredit will play a key role in supporting Laudex make tertiary education more accessible for the next 100,000 students.”

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