Brick-and-Mortar Lenders Have Two Choices: Incorporate Fintech Innovations or Close

6 March, 2019

Original Source: Fern Software

Albert App

You can’t help but like the name Albert and what Albert can do. It’s a personal financial tracker similar to Mint and Digit only better because Albert gives customer support. Albert app tracks your finances and, based on your needs, gives you personalized recommendations. Albert adds to the financial tracker “access to a human ‘financial concierge’ who [will] dole out personalized advice.” You can ask where to find the best deal on computers, or how to include unexpected expenses in the budget. The asking is yours.


The cashier tells you $4.50 and you wave your smartphone to pay. You can thank NFC for this FinTech innovation. NFC is making a difference in the way people make payments.You can hold your bank card up to a reader rather than slide it through a credit card machine or insert the chip. This FinTech innovation is being used in many countries. In fact, you might see a day not too far off when you can have the digital device surgically implanted. Then all it will take is a wave of your hand to make a payment.

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