H.M Queen Máxima on going forward in graduation from extreme poverty: 'Savings, Scale, Stakeholders'

24 February, 2014

On February 19-21, over 100 leading policymakers, practitioners, and development experts gathered for the Reaching the Poorest Global Learning Event 2014 taking place in Paris, France, to look at what has been learned so far from implementation and research on the Graduation Program, which was launched by CGAP and the Ford Foundation in 2006.

At the event, H.M. Queen Máxima addressed the participants in a video meassage emphasizing the importance of taking a holistic approach to getting people out of poverty. She focussed on three key areas in inclusive finance for poverty graduation: Savings, Scale, Stakeholders.

For more information about the global learning event go to: the Reaching the Poorest Global Learning Event 2014.


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