A new report on SME Finance in Asia and a Gender Tool Kit by the ADB

7 April, 2014

The Gender Tool Kit
The Gender Tool Kit: Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprise Finance and Development has been developed "to help staff and consultants of ADB conceptualize and design gender-responsive public policy and projects in the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise sector.

It guides users in the design of project and program outputs, activities, inputs, indicators, and targets to respond to gender issues in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise development and finance operations. ADB staff can use the tool kit to identify social and gender issues to be documented in the initial poverty and social analysis during the concept phase. Consultants can use it to carry out more detailed social and gender analysis during the project preparatory technical assistance or detailed design or due diligence phase" (ADB Website, 2014).


The annual Asia Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Finance Monitor
The SME Finance Monitor "supports the efforts of ADB's developing member countries to design a comprehensive range of policy options that promote innovative instruments and services in SME finance through the provision of timely and comparative data with in-depth analyses.

This report's highlights include the following:

  • SMEs are the backbone of Asia’s economies. Further development can support inclusive growth; employment, and the effort to overcome middle-income traps;
  • Poor access to finance limits the ability of SMEs to survive and grow. Further bank efficiency is needed;
  • Limitations of bank lending require diversified SME financing models;
  • Access to finance is a critical part of SME policies;
  • SME finance policies focus on bankability; more work is needed on nonbank financing;
  • SME finance policies should be addressed in a holistic manner that goes beyond already established ways.

The Asia SME Finance Monitor 2013 is the knowledge sharing product on SMEs in Asia and the Pacific, specially focusing on SME access to finance. The Monitor reviews various country aspects of SME finance covering the banking sector, nonbank sector, and capital markets. It is expected to support evidence-based policy making and regulations on SME finance in the region.

The Asia SME Finance Monitor reviews the SME sector and the state of finance in 14 countries from the five ADB regions of Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific" (ADB Website, 2014).

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