A Billion to Gain? 2014 - The Research

1 May, 2014

ING and NpM present the launch of A Billion to Gain? 2014. This research will focus on the impact of microfinance on the household.

"A critical view is crucial for continued improvement in the microfinance sector. Therefore, a clear and comprehensive overview needs to be maintained and negative side effects need to be challenged and combated. A Billion to Gain? is an initiative of ING, and with the help of NpM (Netherlands Platform for Inclusive Finance), it has covered a range of microfinance topics. The purpose of A Billion to Gain? is to address the opportunities and challenges the sector currently faces, with the intention to improve contributions to the microfinance sector" (ING, 2014).

For more details, videos and previous editions of the A Billion to Gain research series, go to the ING - 'A Billion to Gain' website.

Find here the video on the making of A Billion to Gain? 2014!

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