Video sneak peek of research 'A Billion to Gain?' 2014

21 May, 2014

In this video the people behind the ING-NpM research 'A Billion to Gain?' 2014 offer you a sneak peek of the preliminary results and discussion at the editorial board meeting. At the meeting members of NpM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of course ING were present to discuss the first outcomes of the research in India.

NpM Director Josien Sluijs, Director IOB Ministry of Foreign Affairs prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben, Senior Economist ING Gerben Hieminga and Vice President ING Roy Budjhawan share their views on the research paper on the social impact of microfinance. For this research 2,500 women, both clients and non-clients, have been interviewed on their current social and financial situation and their situation 3 years ago. By analysing various types of impact of inclusive finance practices with clients, we are able to offer the inclusive finance sector a framework by which they can keep a closer eye on the realisation of their goals regarding improving the lives of the clients they directly, or indirectly, serve.

The research will be presented at the NpM-ING conference on 3 September 2014 at EYE, Amsterdam.

For more information about the research go to the A Billion to Gain? 2014 website

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