Investor and Funder Guide to the Agricultural Social Lending Sector

25 June, 2014


"Social lenders invest in small and growing agricultural businesses in low- and middle-income countries to help close the significant gap between supply of and demand for smallholder finance.

A briefing from The Initiative for Smallholder Finance draws on a groundbreaking aggregate analysis of leading social lenders’ lending portfolios and metrics to:

·         Examine current lending practices among social lenders
·         Consider the future trajectory of the sector, and
·         Highlight opportunities for investors and funders to support the sector’s future growth. 

The social lending sector is an attractive opportunity for investors and funders seeking to increase finance access for smallholder farmers and businesses that aggregate producers. The Initiative for Smallholder Finance's latest publication will guide investors and funders on how they can most effectively support the social lending sector.

Seven social lenders represent the majority of lending in this sector; Alterfin, Oikocredit, Rabo Rural Fund, Responsability, Root Capital, Shared Interest, Triodos Trade fund." 

To read the brief go to the Initiative for Smallholder Finance.

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