IMF Director Lagarde: 'financial inclusion as a collective responsibility

8 July, 2014

On June 26, 2014, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde addressed the International Forum for Financial Inclusion. In her speech she shared her perspecitives on; why financial inclusion is important, especially for women; How can we promote financial inclusion; and the nexus between financial inclusion and broader financial stability.

Lagarde argued: "I see promoting financial inclusion as a collective responsibility. It is a task for both the government and the private sector. Each has a role to play—the private sector in harnessing technology and adapting to consumer needs, the government in creating an enabling environment for greater financial inclusion. Civil society also has a role to play, of course, by providing informal support and oversight (IMF, 2014)."

Find here Lagarde's full speech at the International Forum for Financial Inclusion.

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