Register for 'One Day University NpM' with prof. Morduch and Daniel Rozas on 5 September 2014, Utrecht

30 July, 2014

NpM offers a full day back in university with professor Jonathan Morduch (author of "Portfolios of the Poor") and Daniel Rozas (Sr. Microfinance Expert, European Microfinance Platform- e-MFP). The day will focus on: The financial lives of the poor; Uncovering subsidy; Overindebtedness and; Savings.



Date: Friday 5 September, 10-15hrs
Place: De Uithof - Marinus Ruppert Gebouw, Leuvenlaan 21 – Utrecht
For registration: Send an email to :
Download the full programme here.

Jonathan will address the following topics:

The financial lives of the poor. What can poor New Yorkers and Indian villagers learn from each other? Many households in richer countries face struggles similar to those of households in poorer countries. What does a cross-national view offer? The talk will draw on new evidence from a year-long study in the United States, together with evidence from Asia and Africa.

Uncovering subsidy in microfinance. Microfinance institutions aim to make a social impact and to function as profitable businesses. But detailed analyses of over 1000 microfinance institutions world-wide show that they continue to depend on subsidy, even long after their start-up period. How big is the subsidy? And why isn’t subsidy targeted to the neediest populations? 

Daniel will address the following topics:

Overindebtedness and the overall market capacity for credit. Daniel is one of the co-creators of the MIMOSA project with Planet Rating, which rates countries by how close they are to reaching their credit capacity. In addition, he studied markets that have experienced credit bubbles, including Morocco, India, and Mexico, and worked during the rise and crash of one of the largest recent credit bubbles - the US mortgage market.

Savings products for the poor. How banks and MFIs can effectively position themselves to serve poor savers, and whether and  how often they actually do so.

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