Want to present at Cracking the Nut 2015?

7 August, 2014

"Propose to Present at Cracking the Nut 2015

Are you or someone you know an innovator in the field of rural and agricultural markets? Cracking the Nut 2015 is in search of creative and tested approaches to sustainably expand markets to ease the impact of climate change.
We are looking for industry practitioners with a “think outside the box” attitude to showcase their unique approaches in the development of rural and agricultural markets in response to climate change.

See your expertise and proven approach featured on stage at Cracking the Nut 2015. Send us your two-page proposal to present by September 5, 2014.
In support of our effort to advance rural and agricultural market development, please continue to help us to "crowdsource" best practice expertise into the cracking the Nut learning agenda.If you haven't already:

Application due: 5:00 PM EDT, Friday, September 5, 2014"

Find here more information about Cracking the Nut 2015.

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