Special issue on Green Microfinance, call for papers

18 September, 2014

Special issue on Green Microfinance, call for papers 

The journal Enterprise Development & Microfinance (EDM) is going to publish a special issue on green microfinance. The guest editors for this special issue are: Johan Bastiaensen (IOB, UA), Davide Forcella (CERMi, ULB), Frederic Huybrechs (IOB, UA). The aim of the special issue is to provide a picture of the present knowledge and experiences concerning green micro finance initiatives, and their main outcomes and challenges, along four main lines of research:

MFIs and environmental management: environmental responsibility of MFIs, policies/tools/strategies to reduce the internal or clients’ environmental risk, initiatives to foster the implementation of environmentally friendly activities for MFI clients or staff, and development, use and outcomes of tools to measure the environmental performance of MFIs.

Green MF and the access to renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, existing business models, role of subsidies, strategies to scale up, etc.

MF and climate change adaptation: the role of MF to reduce the vulnerability of clients to forecast CC events, weather shocks or extreme weather events, the effect of CC on the credit risks of MFIs, etc.

MF and environmentally friendly rural development: how MF can support the implementation of environmentally friendly practices such as agroforestry, organic farming, recycling, etc. its role in ecosystem and biodiversity conservation, link with international green commodities markets and payments for environmental services.

Contributions from academics, students, practitioners, MFIs, DFIs, investors, international organisations, social audits or rating agencies, etc. are welcome. Article could be related to experiences or studies both in developing or developed countries. The deadline to present the abstracts is end of September 2014, while the article should be completed by 1st February 2015. Interested authors could contact the guest editors: Johan Bastiaensen (IOB, UA) johan.bastiaensen@uantwerpen.be; Davide Forcella (CERMi, ULB) davide.forcella@yahoo.it; Frederic Huybrechs (IOB, UA) frederic.huybrechs@uantwerpen.be or look directly to the Journal website http://practicalaction.org/enterprise-development-microfinance.

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