ING: Dutch Public Support for Development Aid decreases

13 October, 2014

Amsterdam, 13 October 2014 - ING Bank initiated a poll, titled: ‘Vraag van Vandaag’ (Question of Today) on the question of development aid. The poll has been distributed amongst more than 50.000 respondents in order to discover how the Dutch general public perceive development aid and what they consider to be the most important spearheads within this broader realm. The results of the poll provide important insights.

First, compared to last year, 41% of the respondents has indicated to have a more negative view on development aid. This tendency corresponds with what is already going on for a longer period.  Whereas overall public support still added up to 47% during the elections in 2006, numbers dropped to respectively 28% and 22% during the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Second, however, despite of this decrease in support for development aid in general, together one third of the respondents is of the opinion that development aid should focus more on local entrepreneurship (19%, equal to education) and microfinance (15%), following right after the considered first priority: healthcare (24%).

These results provide an important reflection to be made with regard to development aid in general, but they also show that local entrepreneurship and microfinance continue to be perceived as important contributing factors.

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