Call for Partners - EU funding - SUDOE region (Portugal Spain South-France)

14 October, 2014

Micre is a young registered entity in Portugal providing a link to microcredit in the National Microcredit Program, supported mainly by the Bureau of Employment.

Micre was created in 2012, is a member of ANIMAR - the federation of local development associations in Portugal - and has the objective of gathering local NGO's interest and connecting them to a future microcredit financial society.

They now call for partners and/or funding for testing a new model in Europe. This model is based on the combination of microcredit in legal tender and local credit networks (clearing circles, or barter systems). The platforms that provide credit in alternative currency are non-profit and usury free.

Their research in complementary currencies identified other important case studies in Europe and they are therefore ready to share a Logical Framework matrix, chronogram and SWOT analysis to the interested partners.

For more information and contact details, click here.

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