Preliminary Findings of New CGAP Guide to its Graduation Approach

7 November, 2014

"By focusing on the extreme poor, we hope to reduce entrenched, self-perpetuating inequalities that harm families across multiple generations...." (CGAP)

With its Graduation Approach, the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program has included an ambitious research and learning agenda.

Against the backdrop of a growing interest in fostering linkages between social protection and economic development, the Graduation Approach aims to help move large numbers of the extreme poor into the market economy, by preparing them for self-employment or formal financial services.

While the full results of the impact research will be published in early 2015 and updated mid 2015, CGAP already shares the preliminary findings of its Technical Guide to the Graduation Approach. After reading the guide, CGAP welcomes feedback and discussion.

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