The e-MFP European Microfinance Week 2014 was a success

17 November, 2014

Between November 12th and 14th, the e-MFP European Microfinance Week took place, with a wide range of sessions, incl. contributions of NpM and the award ceremony of the 5th European Microfinance Award!

The EMW has been an annual event since 2008, organised by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP). With a very diverse programme embedded within the theme: "Developing Better Markets", the EMW (2014) has again been a success.

NpM actively contributed to this year's programme. Besides e-MFP board membership of NpM director Josien Sluijs for the year 2014-2015, NpM has chaired the e-MFP Rural Outreach and Innovation (ROI) Action Group meetings and during the EMW moderated the session of the latter and another session on Client Protection and Regulation.

Another interesting momentum during the EMW has been the award ceremony of the 5th European Microfinance Award, won this year by Kompanion Financial Group and presented by Her Royal Highness Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Kompanion Financial Group, based in Kyrgyzstan, won the award on the basis of its contributions to the environment, which was the theme of this year's European Microfinance Award, and received the EUR 100,000 prize from the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in a ceremony hosted by the European Investment Bank. "We offer this prize to stimulate innovation in microfinance, and are pleased that this goal remains as important as ever", said the Luxembourg Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Mr. Romain Schneider. The two other nominees for the award were ESAF Microfinance and Investments (India) and XacBank LLC (Mongolia).

Please click on the following links for the full e-MFP press releases on the 5th European Microfinance Award (Thursday November 13th) and a Wrap Up of the EMW 2014 (Monday, November 17th).

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