Launch: SmartAid Index has new implementation approach

13 May, 2015

The SmartAid Index is now available as a tool to measure funders’ effectiveness in financial inclusion on a rolling basis.

CGAP has shifted its implementation approach to the SmartAid Index in order to better accommodate and respond to funders' different needs. This version will be offered with support from CGAP-certified consultants who have worked with CGAP for many years on the SmartAid Index, and allows funders to implement the Index anytime, whenever strategic and feasible.

While the implementation approach has changed, SmartAid continues to offer the following benefits:

  • Helping to identify internal best practices and areas for improvement;
  • Spurring internal dialogue on improving effective­ness supporting financial inclusion;
  • Allowing funders to compare their performance with peers;
  • Providing evidence of commitment to effec­tiveness.

For more information and to register for the SmartAid Index, please see the brochure,, or contact Matthew Soursourian (

Funders interested in the SmartAid Index can register here to receive additional information.

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