Client Protection: Model Law and NpM/EY Report officially handed over to DG of Central Bank Cambodia

10 June, 2015

During the annual meeting of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), currently taking place in Siem Riep (Cambodia), client protection is listed high on the agenda.

On this occasion, the Director-General of the Central Bank Cambodia officially received two recent and important documents:

As part of its commitment to client protection in microfinance and financial inclusion, the Microfinance CEO Working Group set out in early 2014 to develop a model law that could be adapted, in whole or in part, into different national contexts. The result is a framework of suggested legislation on financial consumer protection based on the Client Protection Principles, as promoted by the Smart Campaign. The Working Group's partners were the global law firm DLA Piper  and its "Council of Microfinance Counsels" which is composed of the in-house counsels of all Working Group members.

The Model Law offers real, actionable guidelines and tools for helping to ensure that client protection principles can, in fact, be embedded into the fabric of the microfinance industry.

For this reason, the initiators very much welcome feedback and therefore urge you to have a look and send them feedback so they can further improve the Model Law through revisions and publication of enhanced versions. Send feedback to

For more information and the PFD-version of the Model Law, click here

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