UN agency stresses role of partnerships to finance inclusive, sustainable industrial development in Addis Abeba

28 August, 2015

"The crucial challenge for the global community gathered in Addis Ababa is to address how to finance the achievement of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which countries expect to adopt in September", says Mr. Li Yong, Director General of the UNIDO. 

Partnerships involving all development players will be key to scaling up the financing needed for industrial infrastructure and projects, an important element in the economic and social advancement of countries. 

“In my view, this challenge is so immense that no single country or institution will be able to overcome it on their own. I firmly believe that it can only be resolved through effective multi-stakeholder partnerships bringing together all the major players in the development process.”

He added that as the international community formalizes the post-2015 development agenda, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is particularly pleased to know that the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) duly acknowledge - in Goal 9 - the importance of inclusive and sustainable industrialization together with resilient infrastructure innovation.

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