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1 October, 2015

The Green Inclusive Finance Conference (NpM, FMO and Hivos) that took place last week, created the opportunity to (further) enhance the focus on green, environmental impact in the inclusive finance sector. In the wake of the just adopted Sustainable Development Goals and with the World Climate Summit 2015 nearing, the moment is there to mainstream the greening of the inclusive finance sector.  

Please find below:

During the conference, NpM offered on behalf of its members a Letter of Intent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, saying that they incorporate green in their policies and in their activities. The Letter has been received by the Director of Sustainable Economic Development.

Moreover, to provide an overview, Enclude and Davide Forcella (CERMi-ULB) presented its research on the current status, trends and opportunities of Green Inclusive Finance. Besides the various notes delivered during the plenary programme (a.o. John D. Liu, Nanno Kleiterp), the parallel breakout sessions addressed the essential topics of how to measure/screen environmental impact, how to upscale successful business cases and how a circular economic approach could fit in existing financial structures?

A CO2 neutral conference; that is also what NpM, FMO and Hivos aimed for. Together with individual conference participants, NpM has invested the required amount for CO2 compensation credits in one of FairClimateFund’s projects: the Basa Magogo project to improve cooking techniques (South Africa).

There are of course, multiple way to contribute to a sustainable environment-conscious sector. We asked all conference to write down one action point to realise after the conference. The results are surprising and diverse! From “study how specific financial products can be given a kind of label” and “Broad stakeholder engagement in scorecard development” to “Questioning even more” and “Find capital and financial institutions for reorganizing value chains into circular value chains”.

NpM, FMO and Hivos thank everyone who participated and/or showed interest in the conference and look forward to seeing follow-up initiatives!

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