CGAP announces the Winners of the 10th Annual CGAP Photo Contest!

29 October, 2015

CGAP's 10th Annual Photo Contest highlights ways financial inclusion can improve the lives of the poor.

The global partnership has announced the 2015 CGAP Photo Contest winner as Sujan Sarkar, a primary school teacher from India. His winning photo, called "Paddy Cultivation," was chosen for its breathtaking composition and immersive quality. The photo shows family members in the monsoon season working in their paddy field in West Bengal, India, and captures one of the key themes of the contest - smallholder farmers and their families.

The other themes that CGAP focused on for this year's edition are:

  • Digital financial services and mobile banking;
  • Women‘s use of financial services;
  • Microfinance for small business enterprises; and
  • (Smallholder farmers and their families: Winning Photo).

The response to this year’s contest was significant: 3,300 entries from professional and amateur photographers in 77 countries. 

Click here for the full announcement and for all other selected, astonishingly beautiful photos!

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