Launch of iMPACT Booster: a Business Accelerator for more and better food production in emerging economies!

11 November, 2015

iMPACT Booster is the Business Accelerator that stimulates entrepreneurs to use their innovative product or services as solution for more and better food production in emerging economies. Six companies have combined their forces within the iMPACT Booster. NpM-member ICCO Cooperation, New World Campus, Woord & Daad, 1%Club, Wild Geese Foundation and Nyenrode Business University offer their knowledge, networks and financial support to innovative entrepreneurs in upcoming economies.

We need impact. To counter the shortage in our global food production over the coming years, we will need major innovations in the agricultural sector and in emerging economies in particular. iMPACT Booster's view is that there are great innovations out there that can make a major impact and disrupt the current agricultural sector and commonly known business models.


Impact Booster is a pact between NpM Member ICCO Cooperation, New World Campus, Woord & Daad, 1%Club, Wild Geese Foundation and Nyenrode Business University. They teamed up to start Impact Booster, which provides expertise, hands-on support and connections to help businesses enter emerging economies. To guide great innovations through the pioneer gap. And to turn sustainable ideas into profitable companies. 

The collaboration results in offering expertise, hands-on involved business developers, hand-selected experts, mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs. 


Impact Booster enables (SME) entrepreneurs with an innovative product or service to enter emerging markets. The innovation has to be technically proven and has to contribute to an enhancement of the agricultural industry in these new markets. The programme focuses on the entrepreneur, who is provided with:

  • Hands-on business development support, both in the Netherlands and emerging markets;
  • Thorough validation and pivoting enhancement of business concept and business model;
  • Expertise on emerging markets through a local presence and network of experts and mentors;
  • Opening up new networks of potential business partners, distribution channels, client base and investors;
  • Training on e.g. the lean startup method, distribution models, financial modelling, cultural diversity, marketing and sales, investment proposition, pitching, and negotiation;
  • An inspiring facility at the New World Campus in The Hague (the Netherlands);
  • A 10k cash injection, plane tickets and 50k in value for support; and
  • A final pitch event before a group of respected investors.

For more information and the application procedure, click here.

Application is open until November 30th, 2015!

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