Microinsurance World Map Released

2 December, 2015

The Microinsurance Network and Munich Re Foundation launched of a new dynamic tool providing data on microinsurance.

The World Map of Microinsurance (WMM) is a dynamic platform providing key global data on microinsurance. The map enables insurers and microinsurance practitioners to gain a birds eye view on the landscape of microinsurance worldwide, and to search and extract sector-specific data by region to gain insights into trends in microinsurance, fostering better decision making at an operational and policy level. The map hosts data and analysis from tri-annual regional landscape studies. Further, periodic posts on relevant issues and best/innovative practices in microinsurance will be released on the platform on a regular basis.

“The mission of the World Map of Microinsurance project is to collect data on the industry in an unbiased manner, with the objective of showing market potential, monitoring growth, identifying trends, and promoting innovation”, underlines Dirk Reinhard, Vice Chair at the Munich Re Foundation.

Click here to see the map.

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