Call for proposals: Consultant to support the 7th European Microfinance Award

2 December, 2015

e-MFP is looking for a consultant to support the 7th European Microfinance Award: “Microfinance and access to education”

The European Microfinance Award was launched in October 2005 by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs - Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, to support innovative thinking in the microfinance sector. Awarded for the first time in 2006, it is jointly organised by the Luxembourg Development Cooperation, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and the Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg (

The subject of the 7th European Microfinance Award is “Microfinance and access to education”, which is intended to recognise the role of microfinance in enabling families to access education for their children as well as facilitating adult education to enhance job opportunities. The Award will be presented in November 2016, during the European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg.

Previous editions of the Award were devoted to the following subjects:

2006, Innovation for Outreach
Microfinance breakthrough initiatives deepening or broadening rural outreach
Winner: The Zakoura Foundation (Morocco), for its programme on rural tourism

2008, Socially Responsible Microfinance
Microfinance innovative initiatives to promote social performance
Winner: Buusaa Gonofaa (Ethiopia), for the development of its client assessment system 

2010, Value Chain Finance
Outstanding microfinance initiatives in productive value chain schemes
Winner: Harbu (Ethiopia), for an initiative financing a soybean value chain

2012, Microfinance for Food Security
Microfinance initiatives contributing to improve food production and distribution conditions in developing countries
Winner: ASKI (Philippines), for serving smallholder farmers and fostering effective market linkages 

2014, Microfinance and the Environment
For institutions that integrate environmental governance into the DNA of their business and that promote initiatives to improve environmental sustainability.
Winner: Kompanion (Kyrgyzstan), for its Pasture Land Management Training Initiative

2015, Microfinance in Post-disaster, Post-conflict Areas & Fragile States
To recognise institutions that operate in exceptionally difficult environments and circumstances, helping increase the resilience of the affected communities. 
Winner: Crédit Rural de Guinée S.A (Guinea), for its innovative response to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea

Profile of Consultant

  • Consultants are encouraged to apply in teams (2-3 people);
  • Minimum of 3-5 years relevant experience within the microfinance field, prior experience with the topic of the Award is a plus;
  • Strong analytical, organisation and moderating skills;
  • Experience in producing reports and other material relevant to a selection process;
  • Excellent written English language proficiency; working reading proficiency of French and Spanish is required (in order to assess the Award applications submitted in those languages); and
  • The consultant will be required to sign a confidentiality clause and neutrality agreement.

For more information and the selection procedure, click here!

Please note that the deadline for application is January 10th, 2016!

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