Speaker Presentations – Global Index Insurance Conference

8 December, 2015

In September 2015, the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIFF) organised the Global Index Insurance Conference « Building Innovative Solutions in Agriculture Insurance » discussed key issues on Index Insurance, in Paris. GIIF is a multi-donor trust fund supporting the development and growth of local markets for weather and disaster index-based insurance in developing countries, primarily Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

  • Presentation 1 - Setting the agenda –the industry perspective.
  • Presentation 2 - The Drivers and Barriers of Innovation
  • Presentation 3 – Market Makers for Index Insurance – Role of Governments, Role of Regional Institutions in supporting Government strategies
  • Presentation 4 - Market Makers for Index Insurance – Role of Governments, World Bank work with governments in agriculture Index Insurance
  • Presentation 5 - Putting clients at the center of the design and sales process
  • Presentation 6 - Favorable conditions for achieving scale, building markets and institutionalizing Index Insurance, CNAAS experience dealing with innovations
  • Presentation 7 - Distribution Channels to showcase for Index Insurance

To view the speakers’ presentations on global and weather index, shared by Global Index Insurance Facility, click here.

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