Call for Proposals: Cracking the Nut Health

8 December, 2015

As Cracking the Nut enthusiasts, we hope you are excited by Cracking the Nut branching into this new area of global health. We are searching far and wide to identify the latest approaches to health systems strengthening and involving communities in building resiliency. Do you—or someone you know—have insight related to developing resilient communities and health systems? Please forward this newsletter to any friends or colleagues working in global health who might be interested in this conference, or have an interesting experience to present. Furthermore, the Cracking the Nut Health Advisory Committee invites all interested persons to submit short, 2-page proposals to present at the Cracking the Nut Health: The Role of Communities in Building Resilient Health Systems conference. Submit a proposal and your approach could be showcased in front of top industry thought leaders from private sector companies, researchers, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, major health suppliers, donors, and development practitioners at Cracking the Nut Health.  We are looking for best practices (including lessons learned and remaining challenges), which are backed by examples, related to one or more of the conference's three focused themes:

  1. Using Measurement and Analytics to Improve Accountability
  2. Leveraging Partnership to Promote Resilience
  3. Scaling Technology and Innovation to Increase Impact

For more information and registration, click here!

Please note that the deadline for application is January 29th, 2016!

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