REPORT: Results 'Voice of the Client' project in India now available

10 December, 2015

Results of the 'Voice of the Client' initiative, launched by MIX and Hivos, are now available via a report. This innovative project leverages mobile technologies as a means to analyze the level of satisfaction of clients in India with the products and services offered by financial service providers (FSPs).

The analysis is based on data related to client protection principles which were collected from nearly 6,000 clients across four MFIs in India, namely Cashpor, Satin, Sonata, and Ujjivan.

The analysis represents a novel attempt to create benchmarks based on client-level data in the Indian market with the aim of providing MFIs and funders with actionable data sourced directly from clients that can be leveraged to address areas of weakness and improve operations accordingly. By regularly tracking how clients perceive the customer service they receive, microfinance stakeholders can design programs that can better meet client needs and preferences and, more broadly, improve their impact on the population they aim to serve.

To access the Full Report, click here.

For more info and a webinar recording covering the Voice of the Client project, click here.

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