REPORT: ING presents follow-up study of the 2014 'A Billion to Gain?' report on the impact of microfinance in India and Ghana

23 December, 2015

The 2014 ‘A Billion to Gain?’ report, from NpM and ING, looked into the impact of microfinance on clients in India and Ghana.These findings raised more questions, now addressed by ING in the follow-up study: 'Microfinance clients are not cut from the same cloth'.

In September 2014 ING Bank and NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, published their findings from impact studies in India and Ghana in the fifth edition of the 'A Billion to Gain?' series and presented it at the annual NpM Conference in Amsterdam. The 2014 report looked into the impact of microcredit on clients after using microcredit for two to three years.

In doing so, one could say that the impact for ‘an average client’ was calculated for the specific schemes in India and Ghana. While this is very useful to know, many practitioners in the sector have challenged us afterwards by stating that the ‘average client’ does not exist in practice. They have asked us whether impact differs significantly between clients. Specifically among clients:

1. with very low income levels versus the better off clients;

2. who were already indebted when they received their first microfinance loan and those that are not;

3. who have received financial training and those who have not; and

4. that are group leaders and those that are not.

ING Bank wants to address these questions. In close cooperation with the University of Groningen the research questions have been tested and the results are presented in this report.

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