Release of the Inclusive Finance India Report 2015

20 January, 2016

Source: CGAP

'Inclusive Finance India Report 2015' reviews and traces the advancement of financial inclusion in India. Moreover, the report brings together varying perspectives, policy prescriptions and practices around financial inclusion, along with a critical appraisal of the emerging financial inclusion architecture in India. This involves customer-facing and back-end technology solutions as well as a range of different stakeholders such as banks, regional rural banks, cooperative banks, the postal network, microfinance institutions, self-help groups and the players solving the last mile problem.

In publication since 2006, this report provides a detailed review of the status of implementation of financial inclusion plans, the progress made by various channels of inclusion and the direction of policy initiatives. This year, its scope has been expanded to include two more significant verticals-the postal network and its contribution to inclusive finance as well as urban cooperative banks.

The report is currently available for purchase, and will be available online in May 2016.

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