NpM gave 2 workshops at 'Meedoen Geld(t)' conference with UNSGSA/H.M. Queen Máxima

22 March, 2016

On March 22nd, de Haagse Hogeschool and Qredits organised the 'Meedoen Geld(t)' conference; an event about economic participation and the chances and challenges this entails. NpM was asked to give a workshop on financial inclusion in developing countries and address lessons learned. During the workshop, we addressed and discussed important themes and trends regarding inclusive finance in developing countries. What can we learn from this? And how does this translate to the Dutch context?

First, during the plenary session, UNSGSA / H.M. Queen Máxima emphasized the importance of getting a fair chance in society and addressed how finance can be a means to develop one's talents e.g. by means of entrepreneurship. 

The NpM workshop that took place thereafter consisted of two parts:

Financial Education (with ING)

Corresponding with what was also mentioned during the plenary session, the workshop emphasized that finance is only a means, not a goal in itself. Inclusive finance is and should be considered only as an instrument for positive social and economic impact, e.g. like positive impact on health, education, household finances, etc. In order for microfinance clients to optimally benefit from the positive impact microfinance can create and for financial institutions to minimize financial risk, financial literacy/education is key. NpM invited ING to elaborate on several projects it has with regard to financial education, focusing on the Netherlands but also in light of microfinance in countries like India.

Green Inclusive Finance (with Fair Climate Fund BV, ICCO)

In the broader context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Green Inclusive Finance is increasingly gaining attention. The Dutch inclusive finance sector is at the forefront of this new approach and development. During the NpM annual conference in 2015, NpM offered on behalf of all its members a letter of intent to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that all members are committed to including 'green' in their (investment) activities. During the workshop at the 'Meedoen Geld(t)' event, NpM invited FairClimateFund BV (FCF, founded by ICCO) to explain and illustrate its innovative financial model. FCF invests in CO2-reducing projects for households in developing countries. Via the sale of the certified carbon credits resulting from these projects, FCF contributes to both social and environmental impact. 

UNSGSA / H.M. Queen Máxima during the plenary session of the 'Meedoen Geld(t)' conference

Workshop NpM and FairClimateFund BV on Green Inclusive Finance during the 'Meedoen Geld(t)' conference


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