Published: Agricultural Value Chain Finance - A Guide for Bankers

13 April, 2016

Agricultural Value Chain Finance - A Guide for Bankers has been developed by AgriFin (World Bank Group), in partnership with Bankaool (Mexico), HBL Bank (Pakistan) and HDFC Bank (India). It provides: 

  • practical, evidence-based guidance to financial institutions engaging in agricultural value chain finance (AVCF); 
  • comprehensive picture of agricultural value chains to enable financial institutions to adapt financial products to the specific demands of value chain actors; and
  • examples of field-tested AVCF products and procedures that have shown value or promise for financial institutions. 

The AVCF Guide can be used by financial institutions' staff, including senior management to understand the strategic benefits of value chain finance, heads of lending departments and their teams to implement value chain finance, other bank staff for training and self-study.

The AVCF Guide is also useful for development professionals supporting agricultural finance projects. The Guide is available in two formats - an online version which provides a high level overview of each step of the VCF process - and the full Guide which provides more detailed technical information and background materials on the mechanics of financing agricultural value chains.

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