Expert Meetings Finance for Smallholders

7 July, 2016

Expert meetings in relation to the research “Finance for Smallholders: Opportunities for risk management by linking financial institutions and producer organizations” will take in Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya at the end of July. Director of NpM Josien Sluijs will present the results of the research, published by AgriProFocus and NpM, and financed by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP). 


In 2014, the Rural Finance of NpM (Dutch Platform for Inclusive Finance) working group commissioned the study in light of the food security agenda. The report provides a wealth of knowledge and information highly useful for the improvement of smallholder financing models. An important objective of the project was to disseminate the study results and lessons learned. Throughout 2015, the results were shared online, during meetings/conferences and several expert meetings took place in Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. One of the spin-offs generated were requests for additional expert meetings in other countries, including the request to translate the report into French. 


Expert Meetings schedule 2016
Uganda:  Thursday 21 July

Tanzania:  Tuesday 26 July

Kenya:  Thursday 28 July


Benin and Mali

September/October (the French edition of the report is ready to be printed and will be available soon)

Burkina Faso and Senegal:

October (as part of the ICCO MasterCard Foundation STARS program, financed by the Mastercard Foundation). 


Invitation for your local colleagues/contacts
If you have any specific local contact that you would like to invite to one of the expert meetings, feel free to contact us at and we will make sure to forward your name to the coordinators of the country of interest. Please, do not forget to list your contacts and country of interest in the e-mail.

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