e-MFP ROI AG: September Online Meeting and Upcoming Webinars

31 August, 2016

Introduction of ROI AG

The e-MFP Rural Outreach and Innovation Action Group (ROI AG) brings together multilateral organizations, donors, researchers, practitioners and investors involved in rural microfinance willing to address the challenge of providing adequate financial services to the estimated 500 million smallholder farmers in developing countries. Since its creation in 2008, the ROI Action Group has been very active and a lively working dynamic has flourished between its members. They have focused on several issues such as value chain finance (2009–2010), member based organizations, MBOs, (2011–2012), and non-integrated value chain finance (2013), with the objective of promoting and supporting the innovative funding of rural households.


To promote knowledge creation and the exchange of good practices to facilitate synergies and strengthen the work of e-MFP members, ultimately resulting in better services for end clients.


To generate concrete tools and ideas for the members, the ROI action group brings together stakeholders from different organizations involved in rural development, initiating a dialogue on specific business relevant topics.

e-MFP ROI AG Webinars

The e-MFP ROI webinars provide a great opportunity to achieve the action group’s goal of establishing synergies between rural development projects. By hosting a ROI webinar, presenters can showcase their work, network with ROI members, support other projects, and inspire new ideas.

Webinars (August–October)

Wednesday, August 31, 1030 CET

Off-Grid Energy in Kyrgyzstan

by Roman Kühn (Junior Consultant, BFC)

Thursday, September 8, 1030 CET

Agricultural Value Chain Financing Experience from Eurasia Region

by Michael Kortenbusch (Managing Director, BFC)

Thursday, September 15, 1400 CET

Social Issues in Rural Finance

by Patricia Richter (Technical Officer, Social Finance Programme, ILO)

Thursday, September 22, 1030 CET

Experiences from Georgia: Using New Technologies in Rural Microfinance

by Mark van Embden Andres (Director of Partnerships, Mosavali)

Wednesday, September 28, 1030 CE

Financial Service Providers and Rural Development in Africa

by Mariel Mensink (Senior Program Officer, Terrafina Microfinance)

Wednesday, October 5, 1030 CET

Introduction to Microfinance Index for Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA)

by Daniel Rozas (Independent Microfinance Consultant)

Wednesday, October 12, 1030 CET

Finance for Producer Organisations

by Bart De Bruyne (Independent Rural Finance Consultant)

Wednesday, October 19, 1030 CET

Introduction to the Use of Agricultural Land in Response to Climate Change

by Johanna Fick (Project Coordinator/Scientist, Thünen Institute for Rural Studies)


For more information on the webinars, please click here.

e-MFP Action Groups (AGs) are the result of productive synergies between European microfinance actors working in microfinance in developing countries. The Action Groups enable constructive dialogue and cooperation within e-MFP and also contribute to the advancement of the whole microfinance sector. The different perspective each member brings is what makes our Action Groups unique.

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