Guidebook for Development Finance Institutions on Nominating Members to the Boards of Investee Companies

27 September, 2016

As a follow-up to their 2014 workshop, the Development Finance Institutions (DFI) Working Group on Corporate Governance has now produced a Guidebook on how to nominate directors to investee companies. It’s a public good and deals with the questions and dilemmas that were the themes of the workshop at a very high level of detail. 

NpM Member FMO has been instrumental in drafting and publishing this guide for DFIs how best to nominate directors to boards of investee companies. Many issues such as the actual nomination and appointment process, conflicts of interest, remuneration, as well as the overall tri-party relationship among nominating shareholder, nominee director and investee company are discussed at a level of detail unprecedented before.

The guide is written from the perspective of professionals in DFIs. The term ‘we’ appears throughout the document and refers to the DFI perspective.


To download the guidebook, click here.

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