NpM publishes research 'Geodata and ICT Solutions for Inclusive Finance and Food Security'

22 February, 2017

In light of a growing demand for food, smallholder farmers are crucial in supplying the world with sufficient food. We depend for 70% of our world production of food on smallholder farmers. In order to achieve this much needed growth, access to affordable and appropriate finance is key for smallholder farmers. On the other side, financial institutions see agriculture lending as risky and costly and do not easily lend to smallholder farmers.

The study 'Geodata and ICT Solutions for Inclusive Finance and Food Security' commissioned by NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, shows that small-scale farmers are increasingly using ICT applications. Training of farmers to apply it on a large scale is essential. Universities, companies, governments, UN agencies and NGOs are working more closely together in this field. The publication is based on an analysis of 250 projects, you can access the ICT map with all 250 cases here. In order to implement these innovations well, we must pay more attention to adequate legislation and regulations.

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