Making Africa Work

1 March, 2017

Original source: Making Africa Work

Making Africa Work is a government funded program run by PUM Netherlands senior experts  and Africa in Motion. It aims to support entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who have a viable business plan for Africa, and who do not meet the criteria for other government funded programs aimed at doing business in Africa. The program supports entrepreneurs on an individual level, involves the migrant community in the Netherlands, as well as partner networks in Africa, and aims to deliver 40 bankable business plans by the end of 2017.


The program supports entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who have innovative business ideas for Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Sierra Leone or Rwanda.

Our goal

By 2018 we aim to have:

  • Supported at least 75 entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas for Africa
  • Coached at least 50 entrepreneurs to develop their business idea into a business plan
  • Delivered at least 40 bankable business plans, ready for investment.

If the business plans delivered at the end of the year prove to be catalysers for investment, business growth and jobs, the project can be scaled up, with the intention to join forces with similar initatives. By doing so we will build up sustainable systems and relationships, allowing for future involvements of entrepreneurs and migrants to take place without subsidies.

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