Research on Dutch SME Offer

28 June, 2017

NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are conducting a research to determine the Dutch SME Offer. During the kick-off meeting at PwC, on 30th of May, the participants defined the aim and scope of the research and discussed next steps.

The scope of the research is to put together a landscape of Dutch organisations working with SMEs including an overview of the actors, their activities, type of investments, the countries and sectors they are active in, as well as strategies used. In short, to make a comprehensive inventory of the Dutch SME offer.

The aim of the research is to identify and map out current goings-on by Dutch actors in the SME sector. Additionally, the outcome will provide an overview of obstacles and needs to increase the efforts of the Dutch SME offer. According to the research group, growing the Dutch offer could be a potential follow-up of this research.

The research will be carried out through desk research, survey and interviews. Another question the research would answer is regarding the impact of the Dutch offer; how it relates to other countries and how significant it is internationally.

To make an inventory of active organisations in this field, it was decided to form a steering committee to provide input and feedback. It includes representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Triple Jump, Hivos Impact Investments, ICCO Investments, Inclusive Business Accelerator and NpM.

The participants of the research will be contacted shortly. Outcomes of the research will be published.

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