Earth observation supports smallholder farmers

1 August, 2017

How can Earth observation support millions of smallholder food producers and improve food security?

Eight videos illustrate how satellite observations and geodata are utilized in nine G4AW projects to provide information services. In several projects the services are being piloted, in a few projects scaling has started or will start soon.

The G4AW Facility promotes and supports private investments for large scale, demand-driven and satellite-based information services. It provides a platform for partnerships between public organizations, research institutes, private sector operators, NGOs, farmer cooperatives, satellite data/service operators, businesses and transmission operators. The goal of the G4AW Facility is to reach at least 4,5 million food producers with services that increase income, agricultural production and productivity and/or provide more resilience. The G4AW Facility

started in 2013 and will run until 2022. The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is responsible for executing the G4AW Facility and supports 17 ongoing projects in 10 countries (anno 2017).

Watch the videos here.

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