Frontiers Market Series; Digital Money Grid India

2 October, 2017

Original Source: Digital Frontiers Institute

Course overview

The Government of India has embarked on a remarkable path to connect all its citizens onto a digital platform through which they can confirm their identity and consent to present relevant documentation to and financially transact with anyone else in the country, for whatever purpose, online and in real-time. We call this the Digital Money Grid, and it presents an opportunity to close the financial inclusion divide in a country that until recently held the largest number of unbanked people in the world. The Grid rides on public payment infrastructure coming from retail payments and ubiquitous mobile phones. This is linked to a broader e-Government agenda, which has the potential for bringing an unprecedented level of efficiency and transparency into the delivery of a whole range of public and social welfare services.

Who should attend this course?

The course is for professionals in digital money or digital financial services wanting to develop a fuller understanding of the emerging landscape for digital payments and financial inclusion in India. The intended audience includes professionals in India who expect to apply the understanding gained through the course directly in their market, as well as those outside India who want to understand and learn from the Indian model and experience.

The course assumes, although it does not require, a background knowledge of digital financial services, such as a student would have after completing DFI’s Certificate in Digital Money.

What are the intended outcomes?

  • Identify what is distinctive about India´s financial services market
  • Understand the end-to-end game plan behind the steps being taken by the authorities in India
  • Assess the prospects for various types of players going forward
  • Decide how feasible it is to apply the Indian model to other countries

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