Bridging the Gender Gap: Promoting Women’s Financial Inclusion

30 October, 2017

Original source: Microfinance Gateway

Women are still disproportionately excluded from the formal financial system and make up more than half of the world’s unbanked population. According to the 2014 Global Findex, 58% of women had an account compared to 65% of men. This gender gap has persisted at 9% for developing economies, despite progress to advance financial inclusion. A gender gap is equally apparent for women-owned businesses, who predominantly remain in the informal economy which restricts their access to bank accounts and credit from formal financial service providers (FSPs). Even those women-owned SMEs operating in the formal sector face a significant credit gap, which the International Finance Corporation estimates is approximately USD 2.87 trillion, making up 30% of the total credit gap for small and medium enterprises.

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Network  publiced a report that comprises a set of toolkits, guideline notes, case studies, a survey report and an action plan to help narrow the gender gap in financial inclusion.

You can download the report from here


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