$1 billion to catalyze sustainable food production

7 December, 2017

Original source: Rabobank

One month ago Rabobank and UN Environment announced a one billion dollar facility. This initiative spurred many positive reactions, including concrete proposals for the facility to boost.

These reactions underline that there are so many meaningful projects and businesses on the ground. It offers a tremendous incentive to pursue our Growing a better world together initiative. Although the facility’s scope will in due course be global, it starts in Brazil and Indonesia.

The facility aims to finance sustainable land use and help achieve the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. It provides grants, de-risking instruments and credit to clients involved in sustainable agricultural production, processing or agricultural commodity trade who adhere to strict provisions for forest protection, restoration and the involvement of smallholders.

As mentioned above the facility’s scope will in due course be global, it starts in Brazil aiming to upscale Integrated Crop, Livestock, Forestry (ICLF) best practices as part of the strategic WWF Rabobank partnership stimulating reforestation as well as Climate Smart Agriculture. In Indonesia it aims to finance replanting schemes for oil palm smallholders in partnership with corporate clients. We are currently working to flesh out the operational details of the facility. At the World Economic Forum in January 2018, progress and operational details will be shared.

The launch of this facility is one of the first steps of Rabobank’s Kickstart Food global activation program to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food supply. Kickstart Food was announced at the 2017 United Nations World Food Day. It is designed to be an open platform for others to join. Clients and stakeholders from across the entire food and agricultural sector are invited to work together with us.

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