ACTIAM helps to measure carbon impact

14 December, 2017

ACTIAM helps to measure carbon impact

Today, ACTIAM is presenting a report  with a new calculation model for measuring the carbon footprint of investments. Together with eleven Dutch financial institutions ACTIAM worked on the model in the past two years. By measuring the carbon footprint of investments it’s possible for asset managers, banks, insurers and pension funds to set new goals to avoid climate change. The report is presented today at the climate conference in Paris.
Transparency in print mutual funds

ACTIAM is the first Dutch fund and asset manager to provide insight into the carbon footprint of all its investment funds. Together with other banks, insurers, fund managers and pension providers, ACTIAM participates in the Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) to measure the impact.

The point of view of PCAF is that reporting the carbon footprint by financial institutions is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal: steering towards a portfolio with a low carbon impact, in accordance with the Paris Climate Convention.


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