Growing Green Finance: Can we raise the trillions needed for the transition

10 January, 2018

Original source: Ethical Corporation

The green bond market is worth $100bn, but $1trn is needed to fund the low-energy transition by 2020. Ethical Corporation recently commissioned a briefing into the growing state of green finance, which goes into depth on the important role it has to play in tackling climate change and assesses what it will take to move the global financial system on to a more sustainable footing.

In this regard the Ethical Corporation released its Growing Green Finance briefing. The briefing provides valuable insight into the state of the booming green finance market and current drive towards a clean energy future.

Key learnings include:

  • What needs to be done for green finance to go mainstream
  • How fintech is financing the SDGs
  • Turning risk into climate rewards for developing countries
  • Innovating to make an impact – green finance disruptors
  • The role forests have to play in limiting climate change and the lack of current funding to end deforestation

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