ICCO gives crash course lobby at ‘Afrikadag 2018’. Order your tickets now!

29 March, 2018

The Afrikadag programme is complete! ICCO and Wilde Ganzen organize ‘Crash course lobby in Africa’, about strengthening civil society in Kenya and Ethiopia.

ICCO gives crash course lobby at ‘Afrikadag 2018’. Order your tickets now!

On Saturday 14 April, the annual Afrikadag will take place: the event on Africa and international cooperation. ICCO and Wilde Ganzen are present and give a workshop about lobby and civil society in Kenya and Ethiopia. Buy your ticket now on www.afrikadag.nl.

New activism

This year, the Afrikadag will be all about new activism. Because despite traditional politics being quite closed, activists know how to enforce change. Everywhere in Africa civilians make change possible by taking action, for example through social media.  Who can speak more from the heart about this than activists themselves? The day will start with Moses Isooba from the pan-African movement Africans Rising, and the only 27-year-old Tikhala Itaye from Malawi. 

Crash course lobby in Africa

ICCO and Wilde Ganzen organize the workshop ‘Crash course lobby in Africa’, about the strengthening of civil society in Kenya and Ethiopia. Participants will learn about the shrinking of political space in these countries. One of the roles of civil society organisations is to voice the needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups towards their governments. But how can these organisations do this in contexts where governments are not particularly keen on any influence from civil society? Participants will be introduced to the basics of lobby and advocacy by a professional trainer. After that, participants will design in smaller groups a lobby campaign for a real-life case in one of the two countries.

About the organization

The Afrikadag 2018 is organised by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Foundation Max van der Stoel. The day is sponsored by Royal Tropical InstituteFMOCordaidPartos, ICCO, and media partner OneWorld.

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