Conference: ''Finance for Refugees, making it work''

13 September, 2018

There are 28 million refugees and most of them do not have access to formal financial services. Two years ago, we invited the MFI Al Majmoua from Lebanon to share with us how they provide financial services to refugees. This was the start of a trajectory in which Dutch investors came to understand what needs to be done. NpM is grateful for the support of the IKEA Foundation in this.

We were glad to welcome almost 200, participants representing; investors, NGOs, MFIs, multilaterals, foundations, donors, UN Agencies and many more, from over 20 countries. The main purpose of the conference was to bring together leading organisations, that take responsibility in finding solutions for refugees.

The conference was a success; there were many lively conversations between everyone that we are sure will lead to fruitful next steps. The speakers gave us many insights and understanding on what we can do to promote financial inclusion of refugees.

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